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national centre for AI in tertiary education – February newsletter

Update on the centre’s work 


Chatbot Pilots. This month, we have been working closely with the four pilot colleges to develop high quality question-and-answer sets.

From next month, we will start sharing insights so that the wider community can start to learn from these pilots.  


Thought Leadership. We recently published the fourth piece in our AI in Education: Here and Now series. This piece explores the University of West England Bristol’s use of e-assessment system, DEWIS – Exploring innovations in assessment – National centre for AI (


Community Group. On 22nd February, we held a webinar event – an Introduction to artificial intelligence  which explained some of the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and looked at how this technology is being harnessed in education.

If you missed the event, you can still watch the recordings/read the transcript. National Centre for AI: an introduction to artificial intelligence | Jisc  


Events. This month, the national centre for AI in tertiary education was represented at two external events:  

Next month, the centre will be hosting sessions at both Digifest and Bett (Ahead by Bett – Roundtables)– we hope to see many of you there. 


Interesting news pieces 

Conservation efforts could become more efficient and effective with the help of artificial intelligence. This article in the Guardian explores ways in which AI is being used to protect wildlife and safeguard natural habitats.

A key lesson for the education sector is that AI can be highly effective at augmenting and enhancing the efforts of skilled humans. 

By Tom Moule

Product Lead at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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