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national centre for AI in tertiary education – April newsletter

Update on the centre’s work 


Bodyswaps Roadshow.  This month, we launched our third pilot: the Bodyswaps Roadshow. As part of the Roadshow, students from five institutions will use Bodyswaps to develop the skills they need to be effective in job interviews.  Through the pilot, we aim to explore how AI and VR can be combined to support core skills and employability.  

The pilot will commence next month. Please note that we have already closed expressions of interest for taking part.


Graide Pilot: AI for assessment and feedback. As part of phase 1 of the Graide Pilot, we have been working with participating universities to understand how Graide can help address problems around marking and feedback. Earlier this month, we delivered a webinar introducing participants to Graide. And we are now conducting a series of semi-structured interviews to explore issues around marking and feedback in more depth.  

We are pleased that the Graide Pilot has received some traction in the media.  


Chatbot Pilot. We are really excited that the chatbot has now gone live with students at one of the four pilot colleges. And we’re looking forward to going live with the other three colleges shortly.  

We have now also started a new blog series to keep you up to date with what we are learning through the pilot. The first installment of this series looks at what we have learned so far (and what we still hope to learn) about developing quality question-and-answer sets.  


Deep Dives. We have now started the final phases of the current round of deep dives. Moving forward, we will be focusing our attention on enrolment and induction.  We identified these processes as areas of interest where AI could be used to support both staff and students during a busy and often demanding time.  We will release more information on the next phases of deep dives shortly.  


Coming Soon 


Connect More. Chris Baldwin and Karen Foster will be leading a session at Connect More, exploring their experiences of the Chatbot Pilot.  


AI in Education: Pedagogy First. This month, we’ll be launching our first Podcast Mini-series, which will focus on how AI can be used in ways that build upon strong foundations in teaching and learning. We’ll make sure details of where to listen are shared with all members of the AI community. 

By Tom Moule

Product Lead at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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