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national centre for AI in tertiary education – Summer Newsletter

Update on the centre’s work 

The team at the national centre for AI in tertiary education have had an exciting summer. In June we published our latest report, Artificial intelligence (AI) in tertiary education. The report is a primer on what AI can do, and on what the future holds.


Front cover of the AI in tertiary education report


Later that month we held our 2022 Summer Event, a whole day of online sessions, including a panel discussion on the role of chatbots in tertiary education, alongside presentations from Aftab Hussain (ILT and LRC Manager at Bolton College), Manjinder Kainth (CEO and Co-Founder of Graide) and Christophe Mallet (CEO and Co-Founder of BodySwaps). If you weren’t able to attend on the day, you can still watch the recordings and read our blog post about the event. 


In July we launched our AI Map, an interactive tool that allows users to understand the landscape of AI innovation in the UK tertiary education sector. We hope that the AI Map will help to facilitate the sharing of best practice between colleges and universities, while inspiring emerging innovators to take further steps on their AI adoption journeys. If you’d like to showcase your institution’s AI innovations with a pin on the AI Map, please do reach out to us (we’re keen to get more and more colleges and universities on the map). 

Throughout the summer, we have continued to make progress with our pilot on AI for marking and feedback. Five institutions – Aston University, the University of Bradford, Cardiff University, the University of Kent, and University College London – have now received training on how to use Graide (an innovative solution that uses AI to support with marking and feedback) ,and are starting to explore the platform’s functionality. Through the pilot, we hope to better understand AI’s potential to streamline educator’s workloads around marking, and its ability to enhance the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of feedback received by students. 


This summer has also seen the launch of the national centre’s first podcast series, AI in education: pedagogy first. In the first episode of the series, Scott Hayden, Head of Digital Learning at Basingstoke College of Technology, talks about how the college uses AI as part of a programme of personalised learning. In the second episode , Dr Mutlu Cukurova, Associate Professor at University College London, talks about how AI can facilitate and enhance collaborative learning and group problem solving skills. 


Widening engagement 

At the national centre, we’re keen to reach as many people in the tertiary education sector as possible. If you know of any colleagues or contacts who would benefit from keeping abreast of the centre’s work, please do let them know that they can join our mailing list to stay informed of our work, and to learn of opportunities to work alongside us. 

By Tom Moule

Product Lead at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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