AI in Education Community

Reflecting on this year in AI with the FE community

Our last community meetup session of the year took place on the 4th July with around 30 members taking part. We engaged in some excellent discussions around the way approaches and perceptions to AI have changed over this academic year in FE, and considered priorities for the new year.  We kicked off the meetup by […]

Staying current - articles and announcements

June 2024 round up of interesting articles and vendor news

Articles Safe, responsible use Image Descriptions vs Alt Text: Why both matter – Interesting explanation of the differences between image descriptions and alt text in their purpose and how we should ideally have both. Medium What does ‘open-source AI’ mean, anyway?  The long-standing debate between open source and proprietary software has now extended to AI, […]

Examples of AI in education

Navigating the Future: Higher Education policies and guidance on generative AI

In our previous blog, we highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI in Higher Education (HE) and called for examples of AI policies and guidance from the HE sector. The response has been fantastic, and we are excited to share more examples from our community. We hope that these will help institutions develop thoughtful, ethical, […]

Advice and Guidance

AI Procurement Due Diligence

Why AI Due Diligence is Crucial for Education and Research Artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense potential to revolutionize the educational landscape by enhancing teaching methods, personalizing learning experiences, and streamlining administrative tasks. These advancements can lead to more effective learning environments, tailored educational pathways for students, and more efficient operations within educational institutions. However, the […]