Advice and Guidance

AI Maturity Webinar Resources and Further Reading

  In November 2022 we held a webinar to introduce our maturity model for AI for education. The webinar expanded on the concepts discussed in our blog post A Maturity Model for AI in Tertiary Education. This post is primarily for attendees of the webinar and aims to list the resources we mentioned.  We’ve also included […]

Examples of AI in education

Interested in receiving formative feedback on your draft essays and dissertations on demand? Introducing Warwick’s “AI Essay-Analyst”

Harnessing recent progresses in the area of deep learning and Natural Language Progressing (NLP), Warwick Business School (WBS) and the University of Warwick recently developed in-house the “AI Essay-Analyst”, an academic-writing-tool that provides students with around 15 pages of formative feedback following voluntary submission of students’ essays or dissertations. Dr. Isabel Fischer, Associate Professor (Reader) […]

How-To Guides

Legacy post: How to Explore AI Image Generation

Legacy post: AI is a fast-moving technology and unfortunately this post now contains out of date information. The post is now available just for those that need to reference older articles. We have a more recent post exploring image generation available here.  Introduction Over the last few months, we have seen huge advances in the […]