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Assisted STEM feedback pilot launches


 We are launching a free and fully supported pilot to help Jisc and its members understand how universities could benefit from using AI to support the marking and feedback process.  

We are partnering with Graide, an EdTech company who have built an AI-based feedback and assessment tool.  

Please read the information below carefully.  If you’re interested in taking part, email by 31st March to put your institution/department forward.  

In your email you need to include answers to all the following:   

  • Which subjects would your institution be interested in exploring the use of Graide?  
  • Describe the type of assignment you would like to explore for the pilot?  
  • Why you want to do the pilot?  What problems you are looking to solve?  
  • What is your role?  
  • Has your involvement t in the pilot been authorised by someone with the relevant authority?  

What is Graide? 

Graide is a platform that uses AI to assist with marking assignments and providing feedback on individual answers and working out.  

Through the platform, educators can set students questions to answer, collate student responses, and then mark and give feedback with the help of AI.   

For instance, calculus problems can be set to a large cohort of students, who can then submit their answers on the platform.   Graide could potentially improve the process by using AI to automatically recommend feedback. It does this by learning from the responses you have provided to similar questions.  

Why are we piloting Graide? 

AI-based marking and feedback tools promise the joint benefits of reducing educators’ workloads, whilst improving the quality, quantity, timeliness and/or consistency of feedback received by students.   

After a positive initial assessment of Graide, we are launching this pilot to find out how Jisc’s members could benefit from this solution.   

What will the pilot involve? 

The pilot will take place in three stages.  

The first stage of the pilot involves attending a webinar (on either 5th April, 11am-12pm; or 6th April, 3.30-4.30pm); and a separate, follow up interviews with each institution in the following two weeks.

In stages two and three, a small number of participants will use Graide in practice, and we will evaluate their experience. Stage two will focus on exploring the platform’s functionality; in stage three, the platform will be used ‘live’ with at least one cohort of students. 

Currently, we are only asking participants to commit to stage one of the pilot (so don’t be put off if you’re unsure if you have the capacity for stages two and three). 

Who should participate in the pilot? We are looking to work with universities/individual departments where academic staff regularly have to mark STEM assignments for large groups of students (around 50 or more).   

The most appropriate types of assignments will be those where there is a definitive correct answer and where feedback would also be expected on the working out. 

Get in touch  with any queries or to register your interest in taking part. 

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