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In November 2022 we held a webinar to introduce our maturity model for AI for education. The webinar expanded on the concepts discussed in our blog post A Maturity Model for AI in Tertiary Education.

This post is primarily for attendees of the webinar and aims to list the resources we mentioned.  We’ve also included a few extra useful resources that expand on some of the topics.

Approaching and Understanding

General Introductions to AI in Education

If you are new to AI in Education we recommend two reports:

If you’d like to explore AI use in other institutions we’ve created an AI Map:

The map also includes a link to submit new ideas for the map.

Understanding AI

In the webinar we talked about understanding some core AI concepts, including bias and explainability.

We showed this demo to highlight AI bias:

We didn’t mention these resource in the webinar, but they are useful further reading:

Exploring the Human and Environmental Impact of AI

We briefly talked about the human and environmental impact of AI, and we’ll be producing more guidance on this in the future.  In the meantime, if you’d like to explore this in more depth, we recommend the following:

Exploring how AI is transforming other sectors

We discussed the healthcare sector as a good sector to explore, and suggested the following short article as a good starting point.

Experimenting and Exploring

Establishing an ethics process

In the webinar, we discussed Jisc’s ‘Pathways’ document as a great starting point for a process to assess whether you should proceed with pilots.

Not covered in the webinar, but if you would like to delve into this in more detail we’d recommend the following:

Running Pilots:

We have a guest blog post on tips for running AI pilots:


In the webinar we discussed checklists for procuring, operating and monitoring AI, covered some existing checklists that might be helpful:

Not covered in the webinar, but here’s a link to a Microsoft blog post explaining their thinking:


We looked at University digital strategies – these were from a random sample of universities, and were strategies that mentioned AI:


We talked about how the story of AI transforming education is still to be written, but we should learn from history:


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