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Navigating the Future: Share your Higher Education policies and guidance on generative AI

The transformative power of generative AI in Higher Education (HE) is undeniable and as the technology continues to evolve, institutions are facing the challenge of developing policies and guidelines that ensure ethical and effective use. In response to numerous requests from our members, we are launching a call out for examples of AI policies and guidance for the HE sector.

We are seeking contributions from HE institutions that have either developed or are in the process of developing frameworks, guidelines, or policies around AI use.  As integrating the technology into educational systems requires thoughtful consideration, we believe a collaborative approach is best.

Examples we’re already aware of include:

How to contribute

If you have any documents or resources that you are willing to share with us, please send them to We will then collate these resources and make them accessible to the wider HE community.

Thank you for your collaboration and contribution to this important topic. We appreciate your input and expertise.

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