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New Podcast mini-series launched – AI in Education: Pedagogy First

At the national centre for AI in tertiary education, we have recently launched the first installment in our Podcast mini-series, AI in Education: Pedagogy First.  

In this first episode, I spoke with Scott Hayden, Head of Digital Learning at Basingstoke College of Technology about how he and his team are using AI to support personalised learning. 

Through talking with Scott, I found out more about how the college is using Century Tech, an AI teaching and learning platform, to support students who are studying GCSE maths and English.  

He explained that a key strength of this platform is its capacity to analyse a student’s strengths and identify areas where they might need extra support. He also emphasised the benefits he has seen from using AI, which include improved attendance and reducing teacher workload.

During our conversation we discussed the lessons Scott and the team have learned, including how to embed AI strategically so that it becomes an integral part of teaching and learning – and not just a bolt on. 

 I hope you enjoy listening to the episode. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting on this piece.   



By Tom Moule

Product Lead at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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