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Copilot 365 Teams meeting summary

I’m starting this blog with an admission: this is my favourite feature so far of Copilot365.  For some reason, and even I don’t understand why, I have a real passion for making a page of my notepad last as long as possible and writing minimal notes, in random places on the current page.  The current page dates from 8th May and is around 50% full.

Combine my poor notetaking with a desire to actively take part in meetings and you’ll begin to understand my excitement at hearing Copilot365 would summarise meetings and identify action points.

Initially we tried it out with our internal team meetings, and the summary notes it produced were accurate and certainly good enough to update absent team members.  There were some minor irritations in that two of us joined via the same laptop as we were in the same room and as it attributes contributions based on Teams accounts, it attributed everything to the laptop owner, but that’s a learning point.

Then we had our HE AI community meeting on 15th May 2024 and decided to try it out there, with the agreement of the participants.   We had 46 attendees join the one-hour meeting.  For this meeting we used Padlet for a Lean Coffee style discussion meeting.   It’s a very active meeting and there was lots of discussion. After ensuring that everyone was aware of use, I turned Copilot365 and the meeting transcript on.

Copilot365 requires the transcript to be activated to generate summary notes.   There is an option in settings to run Copilot without the transcription which only the meeting organiser can set up. This option must be institutionally enabled.

At the end of the meeting, Copilot365 automatically produced a summary of the meeting with actions points. The attendees agreed I could share this here:

Summary notes created by Copilot365 of the May HE community meeting, Copilot has provided a bullet pointed list of key topics and a separate list of action items from the meeting. 

Full text of the notes reads: 

Key Topics:

- AI tools: Sue, Matt, and Rob shared their experiences of using Microsoft Teams AI-companion (Meeting Copilot) for meeting summarization and action points generation. 1

- Data protection impact assessment: Rob explained that they have to do a data protection impact assessment for all of their tools to ensure GDPR compliance and privacy. 2

- AI guidance: Kevin and Rob shared how they have updated their policies and guidance on AI use for staff and students, and linked them to their websites for easy access and updates. 3

- Language support: Husna raised the issue of students using translation services to write their assignments in English, and suggested a consistent approach of requiring students to write in English if they sign up for an English degree programme. 4

- AI literacy: Tim highlighted the lack of advice and support for professional services staff and senior leaders on AI literacy, and expressed interest in any good examples of developing literacy in this area. 5

- AI governance: XXXX emphasised the need for senior leadership to have a better understanding of AI and its implications, and welcomed Sue's announcement of a joint project with Ucisa on this topic. 6

- AI assessment: David, XXX, XXX, Chris, and Tim discussed the challenges and opportunities of using AI in assessment, such as the ethical issues, the need for knowledge fluency, the types of assessment tasks, and the rate of change. 7

Action Items:

- Padlet link: Fix the padlet link and share it with the participants for adding items to discuss and voting. (Sue 8)
- AI tools pilot: Share the results of the NHS Wales pilot on using AI for administrative tasks with the group. (Matt 9)

If I hover the numbers at the end of each point it gives me the related text from the transcript for additional detail.

Usually after every community meeting, I produce a blog post to share our discussions with everyone who couldn’t attend, and these notes are good enough for me to write the blogpost.  If more detail is needed, I can still also refer to the meeting chat, and the transcript to enhance the AI generated summary.

For me, Copilot365 Teams meeting summarisation is a great time saving tool.  It provides enough detail to support me to produce follow up activity whether that is blogs, updates, or emails.

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Just to make people aware, this feature is available separately with a Teams Premium license, for a fraction of the cost of a Copilot license.

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