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May HE Community Lean Coffee

We started this meeting with a discussion about copilot 365, which we are currently piloting.  We wanted to use it to create the meeting summary and notes for the session, and have published a separate blog to share how effective this was.

Then moving into our standard lean coffee format, using Padlet this time.  Discussion items included:

DPIA for copilot – data protection impact assessment. Looking for anyone who has completed one for their institution to share.

Advice for staffDiscussion mostly around what is acceptable use of AI and the need for staff to have clear guidance of what is/isn’t acceptable. Very difficult to ascertain though as there are so many factors.

Policies are being drafted over and over – policies need to be agile and adaptable as the technology is changing so quickly but this brings more issues as students/staff may work off old policies.

Several doing staff training – examples mentioned included 45 minute sessions of knowledge exchange,

AI translation for international studentsOn the acceptable use, issues around international students were mentioned – students write assignments in their own language and then google translate into English. Query is this acceptable if they are working towards a dual degree awarded in English? Is it preventing students from developing their English language skills? – reliance on translators

Interesting equity issue – some languages aren’t available in translation apps.

Lack of advice for professional services staffGuidance needed here – asking for anyone who has created materials to share.  Mention of lots of interest from library staff – joining sessions on AI literacy.

Need for senior leadership to be more knowledgeable on AIWe are running a collaborative piece of work with UCISA starting with a roundtable – a start to those conversations

AI and assessmentChallenges around adapting policy mid academic year and the rate of change in technology.

Alternative assessment methods discussed like vivas – important mention that inclusivity and accessibility need to be carefully considered here. Issues around scaling this kind of assessment for 600+ students also.

How is AI being used at primary/secondary levelGeneral interest in finding out more about this.

Next meeting is 18th June at 3.30pm

Resources shared during the session:



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