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FE Learner Resources on AI: Insights from Our Working Group

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Earlier this year, we formed a working group to discuss and develop AI literacy resources for further education learners. The aim of this group is to enhance AI literacy among learners, equipping them with the knowledge needed to navigate generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI).

Meetings overview

The working group has met twice. Our initial meeting focused on discussion topics that would need to be taught to learners and need to be included in the resources. In our second meeting, we refined these topics, focusing on grouping related topics together.

To support the development of AI literacy among learners, we have outlined the key components that will be included in the upcoming resources.

Learner resource topics:

AI fundamentals

Understanding the basics of AI is crucial. This section will introduce learners to the fundamental concepts of how generative AI (Gen AI) works and emphasise the importance of understanding the capabilities and limitations of Gen AI tools.


Responsible use, security, and safeguarding

This section will inform learners about the responsible use of Gen AI, addressing the associated risks and concerns. It will cover essential topics such as privacy, data security, and ethical considerations to ensure learners use AI tools safely and responsibly.


Practical usage & educational applications

Learners will need to build practical AI skills for the workplace. This section will provide examples of Gen AI in action within educational contexts, showcasing how Gen AI can enhance learning.


Use in assessment

The integrity of assessments is paramount. This section will explore how AI can inadvertently lead to malpractice if learners are not careful. We will discuss appropriate uses of Gen AI when completing assessments to ensure fairness and accuracy, while also highlighting potential pitfalls to avoid.

By covering these key areas, we aim to equip learners with a fundamental level of understanding of Gen AI and its applications.

Next steps

Moving forward, we will finalise the AI literacy resource topics list and begin building the learner resources. We aim to have many of these ready over the summer, ready for use in the 2024-25 year.  Institutions will be able to adapt and personalise them for their learners. Thank you to the working group for contributing to this list. Please reach out to us with your suggestions regarding the topics included.


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