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Artificial Intelligence drop-in clinic

To complement our AI Literacy sessions, we are running a series of monthly practical drop-in clinics.

The idea is that you can simply drop in and ask questions about how to use AI tools and anything about the AI literacy training and future training needs.

We will be running the drop-in clinics each month. The session will be live online and based on how to use artificial intelligence in education.

Questions might include:

  • Where do I start with AI?
  • What can I use AI for?
  • What do I need to be aware of when using AI?
  • How can I use AI responsibly?
  • How do I summarise pdf’s using Microsoft Copilot?
  • Can I combine two PowerPoints into one using generative AI? 

What we cover

The clinic is discussion-based and relies on participation, you will get answers based on AI and how to utilise it in education either during the session or the team will follow up after the session.

During the session you can:

  • Learn more about AI and the challenges and opportunities it presents
  • Look at how to use AI tools

The session will be led by Paddy Shepperd, our senior AI specialist and with further input from other colleagues in our artificial intelligence team.

How to register:

Register for our next clinic and be part of the conversation.


Find out more by visiting our Artificial Intelligence page to view publications and resources, join us for events and discover what AI has to offer through our range of interactive online demos.

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