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How generative AI is impacting the way we work


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The integration of generative AI tools into our everyday tools is revolutionising the way we work. The advanced language processing capabilities and text generation abilities of tools such as Open AI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Bard are being seamlessly incorporated into various applications, becoming an integral part of our daily working lives.

With generative AI integration into tools such as:

Tasks such as writing emails, drafting reports, and creating content can be augmented and accelerated. Generative AI tools’ ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant text assists users in formulating ideas, enhancing productivity, and streamlining workflows. This integration brings the power of AI-driven language models directly to our fingertips, enabling us to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Generative AI’s integration into collaboration tools and chat platforms facilitates seamless communication and knowledge sharing. It can help in generating suggestions, answering queries, and providing real-time assistance, enhancing collaboration in remote or distributed work environments.

As generative AI becomes an essential component of our everyday tools, its impact on work processes and productivity is significant. It empowers individuals to focus on higher-level tasks that require critical thinking and creativity, while routine and repetitive writing tasks are automated.

Generative AI is now being integrated into our everyday tools and will become part of our daily working life including;

Google docs Google workspace
Google docs, within workspace, has now added a ‘Help me write’ prompt.  You can use this to draft a new document or ask it to revise something.  You might ask it to make the text more formal, more concise or more detailed for example.

Gamma is currently free to use, and generates presentations, documents, and webpages.  In guided mode, Gamma walks you through the generation process, saving valuable time. In my experience, Gamma generated a 10-slide deck in less than 1 minute, requiring only minor edits. The deck included relevant images and diagrams, eliminating approximately 2.5 hours of work. Additionally, Gamma allows for the import of custom text, seamlessly converting it into a deck and offering language adaptation if necessary.

Asked to imagine the workplace in 2030 (by Microsoft) people stated that they would most value changes that saved them time. People imagined producing high-quality work in half the time (33%), being able to understand the most valuable ways to spend their time (26%) and energy (25%), and never having to mentally absorb unnecessary or irrelevant information again (23%). And with AI poised to remake work, the future will arrive in months not years.

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