AI in Education: Here and Now

Generative AI and accessibility in education 

AI has long been integral to many assistive technologies, and we have seen over the course of this year that there is considerable exploration occurring around the use of generative AI to enhance accessibility in education. In this post we look at a few of the emerging uses we’ve seen as well as discussing some […]

AI in Education: Here and Now Understanding AI in Education

A Generative AI Primer

Publishing an intro to generative AI is a challenge as things are moving so quickly.  However, we think things have now settled down enough for us to bring together information in a single place, to create a short primer.  This blog post will be updated as needed, and we have also produced a version as […]


Anywyse Pilot – using AI to generate audio resources

About the National Centre for AI’s program of pilots  The National Centre for AI in tertiary education (NCAI) aims to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. One of the ways the team is achieving this is by leading a series of pilots, allowing Jisc members to gain direct experience of implementing AI, […]