Examples of AI in education

Google Gemini – Initial Thoughts

  You may have picked up on some of the hype around Google’s Gemini last week, and some of the controversy over the slightly fake video.  They also released a 60-page technical report.  I thought it might be useful to pick up some of the key facts from the report, and some thoughts about what […]

Product Pilots

FeedbackFruits Pilot Launch

We are excited to inform you of the launch of our next pilot project, in which colleges and universities will get the chance to use FeedbackFruits – a platform that uses AI to improve students’ academic and professional writing styles by automating feedback on structural elements like citation, academic style, grammar, and structure, leaving teachers […]

Advice and Guidance

Debunking Myths and Harnessing Solutions: Navigating generative AI in Education

Generative AI is a part of AI that creates new content from text, images, or speech. You can use generative AI tools for many purposes. They can create questions, lesson plans, summaries, feedback, or ideas for project titles. We must address and overcome the myths, challenges, and limitations of generative AI. In this blog post, […]

AI in Education Community

Discussing AI safety with the FE community

On Tuesday 28th November we held our first AI in FE discussion clinic, with just over 50 members from around the UK joining us online to discuss issues around AI safety in FE.   AI Safety in FE  The first half of our session was led by Senior AI Specialist, Paddy Shepperd, who gave a […]