NCAI Pilots

Teachermatic Pilot Launch

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new pilot, in which FE institutions will get the chance to use the AI platform Teachermatic. Teachermatic is a tool that uses generative AI to help teachers create resources and teaching materials. The aim of Teachermatic is to make educators lives easier by leveraging AI tools. The […]

AI in Education: Here and Now Understanding AI in Education

A Generative AI Primer

Publishing an intro to generative AI is a challenge as things are moving so quickly.  However, we think things have now settled down enough for us to bring together information in a single place, to create a short primer.  We aim to publish this as a more formal guide that will be updated regularly, but […]

Understanding AI in Education

AI and Assessment Webinar Report and Reflections

Last week we hosted a webinar looking at how artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt student assessment.  In this post we reflect on the event and share some of the ideas generated and questions asked. The topic certainly seems to be of wide interested, with over 130 attendees. We started with a quick poll […]