AI in Education: Here and Now Chatbot Pilot: Learning Together

Reflections and outcomes from our chatbot pilots

Introduction We’ve just finished our extended chatbot pilots, started in 2022, in collaboration with Bolton College.  A lot has changed in the world of chatbots since we started, particularly with the release of ChatGPT.  We think a lot more is going to change over the next year as well. The chatbot pilots were well received, […]

Understanding AI in Education

Summer event 2022

Our National centre for AI in tertiary education summer event took place on 24th June 2022.  It was an opportunity to show our progress over the last year and share our plans for next year. The day started with an introduction to the work of the national centre for AI in tertiary education. Covering our […]

Chatbot Pilot: Learning Together

Chatbot Pilot: Learning Together – Question and Answer Sets

At the national centre for AI in tertiary education we’re piloting a number of promising AI solutions. As well as allowing us to evaluate different solutions, running these pilots gives us an opportunity to learn more about how to develop and deploy AI effectively. In this blog series – Chatbot Pilots: Learning Together – we […]