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AnyWyse pilot launched: seeking FE colleges to pilot AI for developing engaging audio content

The team at the national centre for AI in tertiary education are pleased to announce that we will be piloting AI platform Anywyse with FE colleges.

Anywyse empowers educators to produce engaging audio-based learning material (called ‘Wysers’) for their students. Through the use of AI, existing learning materials – workbooks, reading materials, exercises, etc– can be transformed into exciting, podcast-style modules, thus expanding the ways in which students can learn. 

Through the pilot we want to help colleges enhance their skills in AI implementation while producing fun, engaging content for learners. Meanwhile, the pilot is a great opportunity for Jisc to learn about the strengths and areas for development of AI solutions. As part of the pilot, we will therefore be conducting an evaluation of Anywyse, which will involve us conducting a series of interviews and surveys with participants.

For those interested in participating, we suggest that colleges focus on using AnyWyse to develop content for subjects like: psychology, history, law, literature, philosophy, etc. – rather than for mathematical and technical subjects.  

Pilot Timeline

Stage 1 (April 2023) – up to 6 FE colleges will be selected to take part in the pilot (please see details of how to express your interest below)

Stage 2 (early May 2023) – participating colleges will receive training on how to use the platform and how to go about developing their Wysers.

Stage 3 (May- early June 2023) – colleges will use the Anywyse platform to create engaging audio content

Stage 4 (June 2023) – colleges will make the content available to their students

Stage 5 (July 2023) – colleges will work with Jisc and Anywyse to evaluate the platform and understand staff/student experiences


Expected Workload

As part of the pilot, we ask that participating colleges commit to the following: 

  • Colleges appoint one Champion, who will help spread awareness of the Wysers (audio content developed on AnyWyse) produced during the pilot among students and teachers, and who will also help gather input for the final evaluation survey.  
  • Colleges appoint one Creator, a subject-matter expert who will use the Anywyse platform to create the Wysers, and will quality assure the produced material. 
  • (Please note, it is possible for one person to do both the creator and champion task) 

The expected workload for the Creator is around 8 hours in total, and the expected workload for the champion is around 2 hours total.  

Expressing Interest

We aim to have held meetings with prospective colleges, and have selected piloted participants by 28th April, 2023. If you are interested in participating, could you please email before close of play on 20th April to express your interest, and please also give details of your availability during the weeks of the 17th April or 24th April for a discussion about the pilot (45 minute slots). 

You can find out more about AnyWyse by visiting their website. 

If you have any further questions for us, please email 


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By Tom Moule

Senior AI Specialist at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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