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For educators, AI skills and knowledge have gone from a luxury to a necessity, seemingly overnight. To help you stay ahead of the curve, the NCAI team are developing a suite of short and concise training modules, covering a range of the most relevant topics.  

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the first wave of these courses: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, and An introduction to Generative AI in Education.

An Introduction to Generative AI in Education 

 Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are already having a significant impact on education.  These tools are posing considerable challenges around assessment and academic integrity. Yet it also presents opportunities, for example saving staff time by helping with the creation of learning materials or presenting students with new tools to enhance the way they work.   

Our mini-MOOC, An introduction to Generative AI in Education, will allow you to gain an understanding about Generative AI, how it can be used in education and the implications of utilising it. 

This course covers how Generative AI can help educators and how students can use it to support their learning. We also look at some of the Generative AI tools available, as well as accessibility and regulation in education.  

In short, this mini-mooc will build your confidence on the subject of Generative AI and help you to identify how you can work with it. 

Time to complete: 1 hour over 1 calendar month

How to complete: follow this link to sign up to the Introduction to Generative AI in Education mini-MOOC 

 Artificial Intelligence and Ethics 

Which is more ethical: using AI within passport scanners to check identity, or using AI in public spaces to monitor people’s movements? 

Which use case are you more comfortable with: teachers using AI to generate ideas for activities, or institutions using AI to mark and grade students’ formal assessments? 

Our mini-MOOC, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics allows you to explore questions like these, whilst providing you with the tools to bring clarity to your gut reactions.  

This concise course covers essential topics including the intriguing aspects that can make AI unsettling, individual and societal concerns tied to AI, the dynamics of sociable AI, and the principles of respectful AI. We provide valuable insights into AI’s ethical dimensions and its real-world impacts.  

Whether you’re new to the subject or looking to expand your knowledge, this mini-MOOC will enhance your understanding of AI’s role in our lives, and wider human society. 

Time to complete: 30 minutes over 1 calendar month

How to complete: follow this link to sign up to the Artificial Intelligence and Ethics mini-MOOC

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By Tom Moule

Senior AI Specialist at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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