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Bodyswaps roadshow pilot launched – call for participants

*The Bodyswaps Roadshow has now been completed, read about the results of this pilot here.*


For this pilot we are partnering with Bodyswaps, creators of VR and AI experiences, to run a pilot that will evaluate the effectiveness of the feedback given by their modules to students. Bodyswaps leverages VR and AI to empower learners to practice and develop their soft skills through empathy and self-reflection. Bodyswaps combines the distribution of platforms with an off-the-shelf library of immersive simulations on communication, teamwork, leadership, and job interview skills. We aim to explore the benefits of innovations like Bodyswaps and understand how they can be extended across the sector.   

We want to run this pilot in roadshow format – visiting 5 institutions to trial and evaluate the product over 2 days with 40 -50 students.

What will the roadshow focus on?  

The roadshow pilot is seeking to test the Bodyswaps Job Interview training series, the first of its kind, empowering students to learn and improve their interview skills by practicing their pitch and interview questions, receiving personalized feedback in a psychologically safe space. The series is split into four parts 

  • Managing interview anxiety  
  • Landing the perfect job, on your own terms  
  • The C.A.R. technique  
  • Job interview simulator  

For the purpose of this roadshow pilot, we will be focusing on two of the four, Managing anxiety and the Job interview simulator.  

In managing anxiety training, users will discover how posture influences your chances of success in your physiological state. It will offer a guided meditation to learn an effective mindfulness technique for reducing stress and anxiety. Lastly, users will develop a research-based self-counselling practice that helps users navigate negative thoughts and self-criticism. 

The job interview simulator offers users a chance to have a simulated interview, users will be asked common questions that come up in every interview, professional achievements and aspirations, character questions, and curveball questions designed to keep users on the spot   

What is the benefit for institutions?  

By being a pilot institution, institutions will gain invaluable experience in utilizing this form of innovation, gaining the immediate benefit from using virtual reality and improving the student experience.  

Student service and career teams will further benefit from the additional practice time offered to students. There is no doubt that students outnumber career services in every institution, and this would be a tool that free ups time for the career’s teams allowing them to focus on other ways of bettering the student journey. Lastly, once students practice with the VR modules, they would be more confident and relaxed to have other forms of practice with the career’s teams.   

What is Jisc getting out of it?  

Jisc is exploring whether it should provide a licensing service for its members, allowing them to use this service in a cost-effective way. But first, we must evaluate the effectiveness of the feedback provided to users in the training modules and the resultant benefit of this technology.  

If the pilot proves successful, we hope that by providing a service for our members we can accelerate the adoption of AI within the sector.   

What will Jisc be doing? 

We will provide the VR headset and the Bodyswaps modules. Additionally, the Centre will provide staff to work with pilot institutions at every step of the way to get the pilot up and running and provide them with support. 

The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education will provide colleges with resources and guidance, and will work with them to ensure a successful rollout of the pilot and to solve any problems that may arise. 

Am I eligible?  

Pilot institutions will need 

  • To commit to 2 consecutive days in May 2022 for the roadshow to be held 
  • To commit 1 day prior to the roadshow for the onboarding meeting  
  • To commit 1 day after the roadshow for feedback interviews  
  • To appoint a member of the senior member of staff to lead the pilot on their side 
  • To appoint a project manager who will be in contact with the project lead at the Centre and be responsible for ensuring the completion of the tasks listed in appendix 1.  
  • To organize a group of about 40 students to participate in the roadshow over the course of 2 days  
  • To provide a large space where 7 students can go through the simulation without hearing each other 
  • To contribute to the evaluation of the roadshow  

What service levels can institutions expect? 

During the pilot phase, support will be available during standard office hours (9-5), provided directly by the team at the Centre. We will aim to answer any queries within 24 hours 

Are there any costs?  

This roadshow pilot will be free and require no payments from institutions that participate. 

What are the timescales?  

The roadshow pilot will begin and end in May 2022.  

How do I register my interest? 

 If you think this pilot is something you would be interested in, please register your interest by 27th April 2022 and confirm you are eligible and meet the criteria stated above by emailing 


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2 replies on “Bodyswaps roadshow pilot launched – call for participants”

Hi Sue, please can we be considered here at The Cornwall College Group, please. We are looking at a Pilot with Bodyswops themselves but I am having an issue raising the £950 for the six week Pilot at present so being involved with this project will help us to make decisions on the path we want to go in the near future with this product as well as helping out with JISC with their own research.

Please can you email in Colin, then of course you can be considered and we have noted your keenness

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