Examples of AI in education

AI Map launched to highlight pioneering applications of AI across UK colleges and universities 

Highlighting innovation

AI is sometimes thought of as a futuristic technology, the impacts of which are far from imminent. In the tertiary education sector, however, this is definitely not the case. Many colleges and universities across the UK are currently harnessing AI to enhance teaching and learning, improve the student experience, and increase productivity – amongst numerous other benefits.

Adaptive learning platforms, for instance, are being used to provide personalised learning for students whilst reducing teachers’ unmanageable workloads. Chatbots are enabling users (both learners and staff) to get important, contextualised information on demand. Meanwhile, platforms that combine AI with Virtual Reality (VR) are being used to provide students with interactive and immersive environments in which to develop vital skills. 

To highlight pioneering practices across the tertiary education sector, the national centre for AI in tertiary education has published its AI Map – an interactive tool designed to showcase what innovation is happening and where. Each pin on the map represents a trailblazing college or university that is using AI. Click on a pin, and you’ll find key information on what categories of AI application the institution is using and for what purpose. 

Facilitating interaction

A central motivation for creating the map was to facilitate communication between colleges and universities so that the sector can learn from each other’s experiences and practices. If you feel inspired by what another college or university is achieving with AI, the AI Map allows you to get in touch. 


Put your institution on the map

A further motivation was to encourage further pioneering institutions to come forward and inform us of their innovative uses of AI. If you want to put your college or university on the map, please do email us at  


Explore AI

The AI Map is part of Jisc’s Explore AI tool, a dedicated site where users can get firsthand experience of a range of AI technologies, including vision tools, text analysis examples and knowledge tools such as recommendation systems. Why not explore for yourself by, for instancing, exploring the text sentiment analysis tool and thinking about how such a tool might be used in education. 


We hope you enjoy using the AI Map and engaging with the other useful tools within Explore AI


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By Tom Moule

Senior AI Specialist at The National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education

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