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AI in HE Community January meeting

We had another lively call with around 68 members dropping in.  We started with a Lean coffee format – our standard opening session and this kicked off a lively conversation around licensing terms.

Microsoft have now removed the 300 license minimum for Copilot 365 and this is allowing some institutions to think about piloting. At Jisc, we are looking to trial ten licenses as a pilot and we will be reporting back via our blog.

Questions from the group focused around asking how institutions had gotten implementation through data protection teams? And what data would be used to trial?
Someone mentioned that public sector students were prevented from accessing Copilot due to their firewalls.

We then moved to a focus discussion based on The Russell Group AI principles in breakout groups, with each group discussing a single principle and reporting back on two key points.

The discussion highlighted some important focuses:

  • Support students and staff to become AI-literate

Staff training should be the priority, in order that they can best support students.

Digital literacy, we are in danger of having too many definitions, need to collaborate and define.


  • Equip staff to support students in using generative AI tools

Supporting students to be reflective in their engagement, beyond just how to use generative AI tools.

How can staff stay up to date given the fast pace of change.


  • Adapt teaching and assessment to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI and ensure equal access

Make sure you take a measured response, rather than rush into decisions.

Rethinking what a closed exam is with digital solutions – exam hall doesn’t prepare students for the future.


  • Ensure academic rigour and integrity is upheld

Do we need more authentic assessment?

More ethics training is needed for staff and students.


  • Work collaboratively to share best practice as the technology evolves

Is it time for an analysis of UK policies and guidance?

How to share best practice? Would it be better to focus on specific areas to start with – assessment would be a good one.


For those who attended and feel something vital is missing please do add.   Others are welcome to join the discussion through the comments below.

Our next meeting will take place on 22nd February at 3.30pm when the focus of our discussion will be around digital literacy. To register for the AI in HE meeting series please complete this form. 

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