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Guiding Your AI Journey: Essential Resources

We thought it would be useful to pull our resources together in a more structured way to support different stages of AI maturity.  Our aim is to develop a dynamic web based easy-to-use toolkit that grows with your needs.  Initially we are sharing in blog format mapped to both support areas and maturity stage.   The support areas we are focusing on are:

Resources to give you a comprehensive understanding of AI and the opportunities and challenges for tertiary education.  To support planning and responsible decision making as AI continues to evolve.

Supporting students/learners
Advice and guidance on addressing student needs and concerns with guidance to support their learning experience.

Supporting staff
Access practical guidance on the capabilities and limitations of AI helping staff integrate AI tools responsibly.

Maintaining academic integrity
Practical guidance covering assessment and the latest information on detection.

Safe responsible use
Learn about ethical considerations, biases, and licensing options, ensuring AI is used thoughtfully and responsibly.

AI tools
Exploring interesting potential and existing use cases and showcasing emerging AI tools

Our AI Toolkit

Strategic resources


Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding Artificial intelligence – Jisc
Explore our homepage with links to our community events, blogs, pilots and reports.
Approaching & understanding AI in Tertiary Education
A summary of the current state of play, including insights into emerging use cases and guidance on ethical considerations.
Approaching & understanding A Generative AI Primer
An introduction to generative artificial intelligence technology and its implications on education.
Approaching & understanding Navigating the opportunities and challenges of AI: A view from Jisc
Explore the four main strands of our work: pilots, events, information, and community. Includes addressing students’ needs and concerns and how we plan to support the strategic adoption of AI in education over the next few years.
Approaching & understanding How AI adds value for education institutions and for learners
A look into AI’s potential, identifying how this innovation can add value to the sector.
Approaching & understanding AI outside of education
Explore the use of AI across diverse sectors – Museums & Galleries, Recruitment, Air travel, and Banking and find out how these industries are leveraging AI to drive innovation.
Operational From Principles to Practice: Taking a whole institution approach to developing your Artificial Intelligence Operational Plan
A blog about the importance of adopting a comprehensive institutional approach and developing an operational plan for AI implementation, including a checklist of actions.
Operational Library strategy and Artificial Intelligence
A summary of the debate “Artificial Intelligence: Where does it fit into your library strategy?” held at the University of Sheffield.
Embedded Guidance on resisting restrictive AI clauses in licences
Guidance from Jisc’s Licensing team to support members in negotiating AI clauses with publishers.

Supporting students/learners resources

Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding Generative AI and accessibility in education
A look at a few of the emerging uses we’ve seen as well as some of the key concerns and challenges arising.
Approaching & understanding AI & Accessibility: The present and potential future of automated transcriptions
A look at the limitations of ASR tools today, what’s different about new releases like Whisper from OpenAI, and what this might mean for the future of transcription tools.
Experimenting & Exploring How digital assistants are promoting enhanced accessibility at the Open University
Dr Tim Coughlan, Senior Lecturer in Education Technology at the Open University discusses the benefits and practicalities of using digital assistants to improve the student experience for disabled learners.
Experimenting & Exploring How Petroc College is harnessing artificial intelligence
Petroc College share how they are harnessing artificial intelligence to improve outcomes for students.
Experimenting & Exploring How artificial intelligence is supporting the student admissions process
Anthony Manny, Business Analytics Lead at The Universities and Admissions Centre (UAC), Australia, discusses how they are using AI to support and enhance the university admissions process.
Experimenting & Exploring AI: Empowering Inclusive Education
Nalina Brahim-Said (a current master’s student at the University of Bolton focusing on inclusive education in the UK curriculum and integrating AI for SEN and neurodiversity) covers how AI empowers inclusive education.
Experimenting & Exploring Accessibility drop in clinic: AI & Accessibility in education
A recording of a discussion around AI & Accessibility in education.
Experimenting & Exploring Student perceptions of GenAI
This report looks at how students are currently using generative AI and explores its potential impact on their learning experience.
Operational Learner Guidance for FE
This blog post provides an example of learner guidance on artificial intelligence suitable for adoption across FE institutions.


Supporting Staff resources

Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding How generative AI is impacting the way we work
Explore the transformative impact of generative AI on work processes, including its potential to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency.
Experimenting & exploring An introduction to GenAI in education
A free MOOC which gives educators an understanding about AI and how it is impacting education and learners.
Training course (Mini Mooc)
Experimenting & exploring Ten Tips When Conducting A.I. Pilots
Rob Howe, Head of Learning Technology at University of Northampton, shares his experiences of conducting pioneering AI Pilots.
Experimenting & exploring Establishing a Resource Hub for AI Success Stories in Education
A call out for successful, specific examples of how AI has improved educational practices.
Experimenting & exploring Innovative Insights: AI success stories from the community
Examples showcasing AI in education, from both FE and HE institutions, spanning various subject areas and utilising different AI tools.
Experimenting & exploring AI in Education: Pedagogy first – providing personalised learning
A discussion with Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology about how they are using AI to support personalised learning.
Experimenting & exploring AI in Education: Pedagogy first – enhancing collaborative learning
A discussion with Mutlu Cukurova from University College London about how AI can support collaborative problem solving.
Experimenting & exploring Debunking Myths and Harnessing Solutions: Navigating generative AI in Education
A blog focused on debunking some of the common myths surrounding generative AI in education.
Operational Our AI presentation and workshop slides
A collection of presentations and resources from our previous AI events.
Blog with downloadable presentations
Operational AI Literacy webinar series
This blog covers our series of 5 webinars exploring generative AI in education, and links to the training session sign up page.
Blog linking to training webinars
Operational Empowering Educators by Harnessing Generative AI Tools: Navigating Prompt Roles
A blog series that aims to empower educators by providing them with the knowledge they need to use AI tools effectively: This one focuses on effective prompts.
Operational Empowering Educators by Harnessing Generative AI Tools: How to use ChatGPT
A blog series that aims to empower educators by providing them with the knowledge they need to use AI tools effectively: This one focuses on ChatGPT.
Operational Empowering Educators by Harnessing Generative AI Tools: How to use Microsoft Copilot
A blog series that aims to empower educators by providing them with the knowledge they need to use AI tools effectively: This one focuses on Microsoft Copilot.
Operational Empowering Educators by Harnessing Generative AI Tools: How to use Google Bard
A blog series that aims to empower educators by providing them with the knowledge they need to use AI tools effectively: This one focuses on Google Gemini.
Operational Staff Guidance for FE
This blog post provides an example of staff guidance on artificial intelligence suitable for adoption across FE institutions.


Maintaining academic integrity resources

Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding Means. Motive, Opportunity: A Composite Narrative about Academic Misconduct
A blog post exploring the issue of academic misconduct in the world of large language models and generative AI. Includes insights from both student and staff.
Approaching & understanding Generative AI: Lifeline for students or threat to traditional assessment?
Kathy Armour, Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience) at UCL brought together Russell Group university leaders and a panel of students, to discuss the future of degree assessment.
Approaching & understanding AI Detection – Latest Recommendations
Our updated advice on AI detection software.
Experimenting & exploring Exploring innovations in assessment
To understand more about how learners and educators are currently benefiting from innovations in assessment, we spoke to Dr Karen Henderson about The University of the West England’s (UWE Bristol) e-assessment system, Dewis.
Operational Assessment ideas for an AI enabled world
A menu of ideas to provoke discussion and reflection around assessment approaches in HE.
Interactive slide deck


Safe responsible use resources

Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding A case study: Using machine learning to analyse Jisc’s Website Carbon Footprint
A look into how AI can be used with existing data to solve problems, analysing the carbon footprint of Jisc’s website as an example.
Approaching & understanding Exploring the environmental impacts of artificial intelligence
A blog introducing some of the key issues around the environmental impacts of AI.
Approaching & understanding Hidden workers powering AI
This blog post focuses on hidden labour involved in AI production, what can be done to improve the situation and how we can make informed decisions about using AI products and services.
General Bias and explainability in artificial intelligence
Exploring bias in AI and how it impacts on the use of AI in education.
Experimenting & exploring Exploring the potential for bias in ChatGPT
This blog uses ChatGPT as a case study to start exploring bias in more detail and also shows how we might explore bias in other AI systems.
Experimenting & exploring Navigating the terms and conditions of generative AI
A look into the terms and conditions of generative AI, with a focus on age requirements and training data.
General ChatGPT: How do I use it as a force for good?
A webinar which discusses key questions: How can ChatGPT support and facilitate deeper learning? and how can it make teaching easier?’
General A pathway towards responsible, ethical AI
This guide suggests a pathway towards responsible, ethical AI with a series of discussions helping to quickly assess ideas and their fit for the institution.
General AI and ethics
A free mini MOOC exploring the issues around AI.
Training course (MiniMooc)
General Regulating The Future: AI and Governance
Looking at current attempts around the world to regulate AI and how future regulation may develop.

AI tools resources

Stage Resource Format
Approaching & understanding Explore AI Demos
A collection of AI demos to discover and explore.
Experimenting & exploring Interested in receiving formative feedback on your draft essays and dissertations on demand? Introducing Warwick’s “AI Essay-Analyst”
Learn about the University of Warwick’s recently developed in-house “AI Essay-Analyst”.
Experimenting & exploring Google Gemini – Initial Thoughts
Some of the key facts from Google’s 60-page technical report on Gemini, and some thoughts about what it might mean for education.
Experimenting & exploring AI Case Study: CENTURY
Explore how Further Education colleges are benefiting from Century
Experimenting & exploring Case Study: Blackboard Learn Ultra’s AI Design Assistant
University of Westminster and Northumbria University’s experiences of Blackboard® Learn Ultra’s AI Design Assistant.
Experimenting & exploring Exploring the uses of AI in medical education
BodySwaps, Sentira XR, SimConverse and Virti showcase their exciting AI products for medical education.
Experimenting & exploring Reflecting on last year’s AI pilots
We led three pilots of promising AI products: Anywyse, Student Voice, and TeacherMatic. In this session, we reflect on these pilots and draw out actionable insights.
Experimenting & exploring AI team pilots
From a chatbot for student queries to a virtual reality interview simulator, read about the outcomes of our completed artificial intelligence pilot projects.
Experimenting & exploring AI Map
Browse our interactive map of institutions using AI technologies to improve their processes.


Our focus this year is developing resources to support the move to operational stage.   Coming over the next few months we will be producing:

  • Pre procurement selection criteria for generative AI tools
  • FE & HE AI literacy definitions in collaboration with our FE & HE collaborative groups
  • Generative AI skills training programme for staff
  • Embedding generative AI within our Digital Elevation Tool
  • Blog post to support development of college staff guidance
  • New form of generative AI pilots which will allow for more participants
  • Copyright advice in collaboration with our HE collaborative group

We hope you find this a useful resource, do please get in touch if you feel something is missing and we’ll try our best to provide something.

Find out more by visiting our Artificial Intelligence page to view publications and resources, join us for events and discover what AI has to offer through our range of interactive online demos.

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